South Lido Beach Photo Gallery

South Lido Beach Photo Gallery

off the Coast of Sarasota
On Beautiful Lido Key

This popular 100 acre park is ideal for fishing (in the Pass) or family picnics as there are volleyball courts, cooking grills, showers, restrooms and plenty of shade trees. Naturalists will appreciate the rich coastal environment via Nature Trails (2 walking) and 1 self-guided canoe/kayak trail.

Flanked by Sarasota Bay and the Gulf of Mexico, the waters of South Lido, known as Big Pass are notorious for strong currents. Therefore, swimming is not recommended.

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Soft, White Sand and Azure Waters of the Gulf of Mexico!
Restrooms, Free Parking in a large Parking Lot
Playground with Swings in the Shade of the Large Pines
Great Picnic Spot overlooking Sarasoa Bay and the Mainland
Hike the Nature Trails along the Mangrove Ecosystem
Canoe Trail through Sarasota Bay, Big Grassy Lagoon & Brushy Bayou

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